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Downtown DC Self Esteem Therapy

Self Esteem Counseling in Downtown DC

Self-esteem refers to the degree in which we value ourselves and feel confident. When self-esteem is low it greatly affects our wellbeing and can lead to serious mental conditions, like depression. Feelings of low self-esteem are often sustained by constantly comparing oneself to others, and while these negative perceptions are rarely true, the feelings are difficult for patients to shake.

How does self-esteem therapy work?

Self-esteem is primarily learned during childhood, and certain experiences from those years—and our learned reactions to those experiences--may have inhibited its development and shaped who you have become in some less-than-healthy ways. Weekly self-esteem therapy sessions help patients gain a stronger sense of self. The goal of self-esteem therapy is for patients struggling with low self-esteem to become more confident, assertive, and self-aware.

I will engage you in solution-focused and emotion-focused work, aimed at achieving a positive and lasting outcome, and as quickly as possible. Some moments may feel challenging, helping you not only think about things differently, but also to experience them differently in real time, all for the purpose of coming up with new, authentic, and powerful endings to the same old stories.

If you think you are a candidate for self-esteem counseling, or if you would like to learn more about this experiential therapy approach, please don’t hesitate to call or reach out by email.