Same-Sex Couples Counseling DC

Same-Sex Couples Counseling DC

LGBT Couples Counseling in Washington DC

Every relationship faces challenges from time to time, and same-sex couples certainly are no exception. Even the most prepared, in-love married couples experience a variety of complications and problems over the course of the relationship. Some couples may fear they’ve grown apart over time, have trouble communicating, worry that they have less and less in common anymore, or face more serious issues, such as lying and infidelity. Same-sex couples who face relationship stress, inside or outside of marriage, can benefit from couples counseling as a way to either restore the relationship or to help it transition into its next natural phase.

I offer expert, compassionate same-sex couples counseling in Washington DC. Although the world around us continues to evolve into a more progressive and accepting place, many LGBTQ couples have a hard time finding a safe environment where they can discuss their relationship shortcomings. They may find that other counselors don’t offer them the same level of attention or compassion that they offer heteronormative couples, or they may fear being turned away by more conservative therapists.  I am proud to offer competent counseling for LGBTQ couples in order to help them grow stronger together—or to figure out how to part amicably and respectfully, if need be. I provide the safe space that same-sex couples in Washington DC may have trouble finding elsewhere, and I encourage both partners in a relationship to work together to overcome their respective fears and challenges to improve the dynamics between them.

Same-Sex Premarital Counseling in Washington DC

Marriage is one of the most important life decisions we make, and it should not be taken lightly. A marriage provides a beautiful commitment that can mean a lifetime of communication, cooperation and, hopefully, continued fun and fulfillment between both partners. No matter how in love two people are, both must make sure they are ready for the level of commitment and occasional work that marriage requires. Many marriages face rough patches, or even end, because the partners don’t get to know each other quite well enough before tying the knot. They may suddenly discover they have vastly different opinions on important subjects such as child-rearing (e.g., discipline, religious values exposure, each parent’s roles and responsibilities), finances, friendships with exes, relationships with each other’s families, willingness to move across the country for the other’s job, differences in desired levels of attention and attentiveness, or even politics at the more granular, nitty-gritty levels—any of which can lead to disagreements and fighting.

With the same-sex premarital counseling services in Washington DC that I provide, we will foster important premarital discussions that will allow your bond to grow stronger and prepare you for your lifelong journey together. Within approximately three to five sessions, we will look at how the two of you communicate and help work through any current issues or concerns you both may have. Special attention will be paid to the communication and connection piece in our exploration.—When these two elements flourish, the two of you can face any type of subject matter, now and in the future.

Same-Sex Marriage Counseling in Washington DC

Married couples may suddenly find themselves in periods of uncertainty in their relationship and may fear for the future of their marriage as a result. They may face marital problems that arise because of a lack of communication, partner deception, a lack of intimacy, diverging values, and more. Marriage counseling becomes a powerful resource—sometimes even an opportunity for struggling couples to remake the relationship into a more vital and vibrant connection.

In my same-sex marriage counseling sessions in DC, we focus on your partnership as a dynamic system. I very much believe that the whole should be greater than the sum of its parts, and I will work with you to help make your partnership stronger, if the union genuinely benefits the growth of each member of the couple. Naturally, I provide an environment in which I encourage you and your partner to openly discuss your thoughts, feelings, and concerns. I can help both of you understand your relational process and reach a new understanding of how to improve your communication practices. Couples typically come in for five to fifteen sessions—or as many sessions as you and your spouse find beneficial.

If you need competent and truly helpful same-sex counseling services in Washington, DC, contact me today at (202) 744-2922.

Compassionate and Experienced Counseling

In looking for counseling for your same-sex relationship or marriage, you must choose a counselor with experience, compassion, and honesty, who can help you work through the areas of challenge between you. I am dedicated to creating a calm, and accepting environment where couples can speak openly, and without judgment, to create a stronger bond and repair the relationship. I have received many years of extensive post-Master’s degree training and clinical supervision through the Washington School of Psychiatry and, because of this, you can count on an engaged, interactive, and solution-focused approach to help your relationship recover and grow.

A final note here:  I charge for the initial consultation if all three of us agree that my formulation of the difficulties and how to work on those make sense,  and you choose to continue with me. Goodness of fit is essential for successful outcomes, after all. For this reason, you might consider talking with more than one therapist, if possible, to ensure the best match for you. You should get a sense fairly quickly which therapist will connect best with you and challenge you in the most helpful ways.


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