PLEASE NOTE: My practice is currently full, and so I am not working with any new clients or couples.

COVID-19 Preparedness and Mitigation Protocol

All of us have access to various accurate news sources (e.g., the CDC, the WHO, etc.), and so just a few words on this subject :

Through the end of this year (or, at least until infection numbers go way, way down), I am offering an option of video-based psychotherapy via an easy-to-use, HIPAA-compliant platform called As of late-summer, my office mates and I, together with the building engineer, are developing plans to increase the air filtration system both in the building as a whole (improving its MERV-rated filters, and so on) and in the individual offices by way of additional, stand-alone HEPA filter units. As always, we will continue have hand sanitizer available to you in all offices of the suite as well as on each floor near the elevators. For my part, when it is safer to meet in person, I will be sterilizing all touch surfaces--door and water cooler handles, chair arms, bathroom keys, etc.--every two hours when I'm in the office. And finally, I will have ample space between chairs, and time between sessions, for everyone's protection. Please know that I am open to any additional suggestions you might have, going forward.


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I have enjoyed working with the international community, including people who are here in Washington on work or student visas, employees of the IMF, IFC, and World Bank, as well as U.S. Foreign Service workers and other members of the international diplomatic corps.

My practice is inclusive with respect to racial or ethnic identity, country of origin, physical ability, sexual and gender diversity, and religious and political affiliation.


Psychotherapy for Adults:

In addition to easing or eliminating feelings of anxiety and depression, good psychotherapy can help you change how you live. In other words, you are not simply learning something mildly interesting about yourself. The therapy process in and of itself powerfully affects relationships with others and your ability to deal with life's challenges.

Psychotherapy for Couples:

Typically, couples come in for approximately six to twenty sessions and learn how to either improve intimacy on various levels by learning how to manage conflict effectively, or -- if one member of the couple (or both) deems it necessary -- learn how to part amicably and respectfully. In either situation, my experience has shown that each person has the opportunity to grow individually in this process, irrespective of the relationship's next phase.

Consultation and Psychotherapy/Psychiatry Referral:

I do not charge you for the initial consultation unless you choose to continue with me, because goodness of fit is essential for successful outcomes. You might consider talking with more than one therapist, if possible, to ensure the best match for you. You should get a sense fairly quickly which therapist will connect best with you and challenge you in the most helpful ways.

At my office (located between downtown DC and Dupont Circle), I can assist you with the following:

  • Therapy for Depression and Anxiety/Worry
  • Couples Therapy & Marriage Counseling
  • Intimacy, Relationship, and Connection Difficulties
  • Anger and Its Consequences
  • Multicultural Adjustment
  • Workplace Performance and Career-Related Concerns

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